Yatga musician

(976) 9030 1221


2020 Culture and Arts Young Leaders Program Mongolian Arts Council

2021-2023 Master National Taiwan University

2018 Korean Language Chonbuk National University of Korea

2018 MA University of Culture and Arts

2016 Bachelor of Arts, School of Music, SUIS

2007-2014 Conservatory of Mongolia

2020-2021 Music teacher DoReMi Music School

2019 Harp teacher, School of Musical Arts of SUIS

2016-2020 Soloist National Art Theater

2016 Award, B. Sharav 2nd International Competition, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

2014-3rd Place, Nadejda-2014 international professional music competition, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2013 Letter of thanks from the Ministry of Education and Culture

2022 Global musician Workshop, artist, Jordan Hall, Boston, US

2022 East Asian Zithers summit, Yatga soloist, with Taipei Chinese Orchestra

2022 New composition Music festival “Altan namar”, musician Mongolian State Conservatory

2021 MS Live stage, session II, artist Mongolia

2020-2021 Highlighted Artist of Arts Council of Mongolia

2019 Mongolian update conference, artist, Canberra, Australia

2019 Goryeong string music festival, South Korea

2019 Asian Traditional Championship 1st prize /Khulsan chimee band/

2019 Russia, China, Mongolia international expo, artist, Inner Mongolia

2018 Jeonju Intl Sori Festival, Artist, with International Artists

2018 Master graduation recital, MNUAC

2017 55th anniversary of Grand National Orchestra, Yatga soloist, /The Silk Road/

2016 Meditation of Yatga, graduation recital MNUAC

2014 Aspiration, graduation recital, Music and Dance college

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