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"ACM Fellowship" program

The Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) is an NGO established in 2002 to support the sustainable development of Mongolia’s culture and arts and the preservation of its unique cultural heritage.

The “ACM Fellowship” program is one of the significant initiatives carried out by the Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) in association with the ACM-US.

The program is a nine-month scholarship program that aims to contribute to the sustainable development of culture and art by enhancing the capacity of young leaders in the arts and culture sector and supporting their collaboration.

In the 15 years since 2008, the program has brought together over 320 young artists and arts managers, empowering them to become leaders in the arts and culture sector.

The participants of the program will participate in more than 20 courses on a wide range of issues related to culture and arts policy, such as leadership, arts management, marketing, strategic planning, how to write a project, fundraising, and expanding cooperation.

Also they gain experience by participating in the “Happy Hour” series of familiarization meetings and public events of the ACM to expand the social circle.

As part of the program, leaders share the knowledge and experience gained from the program and work as a team to initiate and implement 3–4 mini-projects that will bring positive changes to society.

Also, in order to expand cooperation among all graduates and support the creative process of artists, a community-oriented project competition with funding of 8 million MNT is announced annually among graduates.

In the future, the program will be implemented in a sustainable way to support young people working in Mongolia’s social, cultural, and artistic fields, and the annual enrollment will be taken in August-September.

 ACM is happy that through the “Art Hub” website, all graduates and participants of the program will be presented to the public, and it will become a bridge to expand industry cooperation and go international.

 Therefore, young artists and managers who have the desire to contribute to the future development of Mongolian culture and art and work productively in their field are invited to join the “ACM Fellowship” program. We also invite you to get to know the leaders.

Arts Council of Mongolia-US

ACM-US, a sister organization to ACM, was established in 2003 to do extensive fundraising in North America in support of Mongolian arts and culture and has very close ties with the Arts Council of Mongolia. Although the two organizations are independent from each other, ACM-US contracts with ACM to implement projects and grants in Mongolia, which is an excellent source of income for ACM programs. Working with ACM-US also fulfills the mission of ACM to increase awareness of Mongolian arts and culture worldwide.The “ACM Fellowship” program is one of the significant initiatives carried out by the ACM in the United States.

Dwight Gee

President, Arts Council of Mongolia-US

“Mongolia’s remarkable cultural life is crucial to the country’s future. It is a source of pride for her people – a compelling reason for them to remain in Mongolia, to invest their lives and talents in the growing society and economy. The arts in Mongolia are also a treasure for the world that no visitor to the country can afford to miss. ACM is an invaluable partner for Americans interested in strengthening and promoting the country’s arts and arts organizations at home and abroad. I can think of no more rewarding way to invest my volunteer time. The accomplishments of ACM during its first five years are a model for nongovernmental organizations anywhere.”


ACM Vice Chairman, President of Inclusive Solutions Inc,The initiator and supervisor of the ACM program

As for me, I have a sincere desire to contribute to the development of culture and art in Mongolia and the education of children and youth. Therefore, 15 years ago, the “ACM” program was started. Today, I am very satisfied to see this program, which has been successfully implemented in its 15th year. In the past, through the program, young Mongolian artists and experts working in the field of culture and art have participated and produced many high-quality works and achievements. I find it admirable and wonderful to see so many young people participating in ACM’s programs being so talented, setting their own goals and careers, and taking successful steps to achieve them. We have come a long way together, and we will continue to move forward.

ACM address in the US

Arts Council of Mongolia, 2025 23rd Avenue East Seattle, WA 98112.

Web page: www.artscouncilofmongolia-us.org

ACM Fellowship Committee

The Committee of the “ACM” program is a community that aims to expand the cooperation of generations of graduates of the “ACM” program of Arts Council of Mongolia and to make the public aware of the importance of culture and art in society.

The program committee members are made up of alumni members from each generation.

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