Nergui ASHIT

Morin khuur player, throat singing artist

In addition to working in the Mongolian Violin Ensemble, since 2010, he has been working as a folk art teacher at the Guide Center for Training Guides and the American-Mongolian Student Exchange School, teaching folk art lessons to an unprecedented number of over 1,000 students, and spreading the national heritage.

1996 50th school 

1999 cultural methodologist and music teacher at the Institute of Culture

Master of Art Studies, School of Linguistics and Culture, MNU

2010 NGO founder of “Development and protection of khuumii”

since 1999 morin khuur player, throat singing artist

Morin khuur assembly of National Philharmonic

2004, the youth gold medal of the capital city

 2004, awarded the title of Chief Culture Officer of Mongolia

2014 Medal of Honor for Labor 

2015 "Altan gadas"

2022 Order of the Red Banner of Labor Merit

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