Munkhbat AZZAYA

Film director, actress

2016 - Film director, Film institute

As a director:

2012 - “Lullaby” short film

2013 - "No way back" short film

2014 - "Every day 100" short film

2014 - "Movie is My Life" documentary

2016 - "Returned" short film

2017 - "Featherless Wings" short film

2020 - "Tears of cells" short film

2021 - "Shadow" short animation

2020 - 2021 "SEARCH" TV series

2022 - "Molko" TV series


As an actress:

2019 - The main character of the short film "Lynx".

2021 - The main character of the short film “My local grove”

2021 - The supporting character of the TV series "Molko"

2022 - The supporting character of the TV series "Case file"

2022 - The supporting character of the TV series "Molko"

2022 - The supporting character of the teleplay "Father and Son"


As a producer:

2021 - "One Reason" film

2021 - “Molko” film

2022 - "Molko" TV series




2017 - Director and host at MNC TV

2018 - 2nd director of the feature film "Cuckoo".

2019 - Worked as a program manager and a director at the first festival of filmmakers, "Hollywood in Mongolia" international event organized in Mongolia. Also, within the framework of the festival released a magazine “Mongolian film”about the development of mongolian films.

2021 - Assistant director of the short film “Snow in September”

2016 - The film "Returned" won first place in the best short film category of the Mongolian Academy Awards.

The film "Tears of Cells'’ won the 3rd place in the "double check" short film competition organized by the Lantuun Dohio NGO and the Canadian Embassy.

The short film "The Lynx" was selected in the competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, the Tallinn Black Night International Film Festival in Estonia, the Leeds International Film Festival in England, and the London International Film Festival in England. And won the "Best Short Film" award at the International Film Festival in Busan.

2021, the short film "My local grove" released as part of the "Terbum Mod" national movement initiated by the President of Mongolia, a short film on the topic "Effects of Climate Change and Desertification" jointly by the Office of the President's Office, Baikal Rorchin, and Tourism.

was awarded the Best Film in the creation competition.

2021, "Shadow" animation participated in the 30th "St. Louis" International Film Festival and was officially selected in the "Best Short Film" category.

2022, "Shadow" animation was in the 10th "Golden House" film festival and

Won the "Best Mongolian Cartoon" award.

2022, “Shadow” animation is the biggest short film competition in Asia

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