Nandintsooj BATCHIMEG

Film, drama, television researcher and producer

In 2019, I completed a master's program in art studies in China. Wrote a research paper on "Documentation of performance art in the form of video" and obtained a master's degree.I work in the field of producing and production management in arts and culture.

(976) 9119-9205

2011 - Journalist and Literary Worker, Bachelor

2019 - Master of Film, Drama and Television Art studies at Beijing University of Education

2012 - Journalist, editor, host at the TM TV

2017 - Freelancer at the CCTV Mongolia and others

2021 - Marketing Manager, Coordinator at the Orpheus Theater "Gem Zem" post-drama

Contract publisher at the platform

Contract translator at the Playmo platform

2022 - Producer at the "Trimon Studio"

"Leading Youth" and "Labour Glory" medals of Mongolian Youth Federation

"Video Documenting Performance Art" - Best research project of Beijing University of Education by a master's thesis 

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