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2010-2015 Bachelor of Directing Arts, Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture 

2012-2015 Director and editor, Ekh Oron TV

2015-2017 Editor, Educational TV

2017-2019 Director, Brand Media Group 

Since 2014, Founder and Director of "Bid Hed Nedgel"

Since 2019, Contract employee of "Naran Life" LLC

In 2019 A film writing course, organized by ACM

2018 Director and editor of the short film "Brother".

       “13th Mobile Film Festival” – Coup de Jury Award, Sens Critique Award

2017 Producer and editor of the short film "Kukhu".

      "48 hours Mongolia 2017" mini film festival’s best direction, best cinematography

2018- Filmaplooza film festival, Best Graphics – Honorable Mentions, France 

“71st Cannes Film Festival” – Shortfilm Corner,

  "Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival 2018" - Best short film, "Academy Awards Mongolia

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