Executive Director of the Cultural Center for Deaf NGO


I am a cultural researcher and have been working continuously in the field of culture and the protection of the rights of disabled people for the past 15 years. In the framework of these works, I work as a trainer in promoting and disseminating the laws and regulations adopted in the region and internationally in the field of disabled people, as well as working as a trainer in ensuring the human rights of people with disabilities. I also led and implemented many projects and programs for disabled youth and women. In addition, in my free time, I actively participate in various activities related to the fields I work in, such as research, translation, traveling, and reading.



2012 - Master of Cultural Researcher, Mongolian University of Science and Technology 

2010 Bachelor of Cultural Management, Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture 

Institute for Arts and Media Management, Freie Universität, Berlin

2014-now  Executive Director, Cultural Center for the Deaf NGO

Since 2017 Human Rights Trainer, International Organizations

Since 2016 Representative, International Organizations

2015-2019, Member of the Board of Directors, World Federation of Deaf

2019 - Project Trainer, Mobility International USA Empowerment of Women with Disability, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

2018 - Trainer of Disability and Gender Inclusion for UN Women Arab Regional Staff, Cairo, Egypt.  United Nations Women's Arab 

2017 - Trainer for Human Rights Project, World Federation of Deaf People. Algeria

Certificate of Honor, Ministry of Education and Culture

Certificate of Honor, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Mongolia

2022 - The Leading Cultural Worker of Mongolia

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