In 1988-1998, he graduated from Russian School No. 3 with full secondary education. From 1998 to 2001, he studied at Utah Valley State College, Utah, USA for 3 years. In 2001, he came to Mongolia to study at DUDeS. In 2006, he graduated as an Artist/Bachelor. Since 2010, he has been a member of "Khukh Nar" Mongolian Contemporary Art Center. Member of MUE in 2012, co-founder of "Nomad Wave" performance art group in 2010.

Participated in exhibitions and art exchange programs in Mongolia, Korea, Belgium, Australia, Hong Kong, Nepal, Germany, Romania and China. International programs of Khokh Nar Art Center, Mongolian Art Council "Time and Space" 2010, 2011, LAM2016, LAM Artist in Residency Program 2017, Asian Curatorial visit to independent art venues in Berlin & Hamburg 2018, Mongolian-Transylvanian Artist exchange program 2018, 2019 , Asia Pacific artists online exhibition "52 artists 52 actions" 2018., same exhibition Sydney, Australia 2019, GNAP Mongolia 2020, GNAP Mongolia 2022.

+(976) 99005218

2006 Fine art/ B.Sc

Graduate School of Fine Arts, SUSU


Real estate sector.



Wedding, event planning, wedding decoration


From 2006

Artist, member of MUE

2020 Dr. Nominated for Sovereign Asian Art Prize by Gene Sherman/Australia/.

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