Nyamtsogt ENKHJIN

Architect and restoration architect


Preservation, protection, restoration and research of historic buildings and publicizing their social needs in the community and publicize the stages and activities of restoration concepts, modern architecture, culture and art containing national characteristics and traditions. It aims to develop coordination and planning systematically.

ACM 13th fellowship program 2020-2021 UB, Mongolia

Mongolian university of Science and technology UB, Mongolia

Specialized degree course in BBA /Architecture-construction/

2007 – 2013 Mongolian National University of Education UB, Mongolia

Designer degree in Designer

2005 – 2007 Elementary School No. 40 UB, Mongolia

High School Diploma 1997 – 2005

SULD PROJECT LLC Restoration of historical building and research 2008

KHUREE ARCHITECTS NON-Governmental Organization (NGO) 2020

KUK ARCHITECTS Architectural design team 2020


Khovd province multi-ethnic wedding palace competition

/TEAM – 121 team/

Urt Tsagaan Center Design Reconstruction Competition

/TEAM - 23 /

Sai Baba Temple Design Competition AAD competition

Projects to restore historical sites and attract tourists

Manzushir monastery Architect/ restorer

Tuv aimag, Mongolia 1733 year

Sum tolgoi historical building Architect/ restorer

Zavkhan aimag, Mongolia 14-15th century

Saridag shrine monastery Architect/ restorer

Zavkhan aimag, Mongolia 16th century

Demchig monastery Architect/ restorer

Umnugovi aimag, Mongolia 17th century

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