Percussionist and artist


In 2009, Arga Bileg group was formed and he is the leader of the group after performing together with the members of the current group for the first time in his solo concert "The Call of Existence". The group combines jazz music with the Mongolian national music tradition and uses Western and Mongolian folk instruments to create new music by arranging folk songs and tunes in modern, innovative terms. The group toured the United Nations Hall of the United States, France's "UNESCO", China's "Pearl Theater", Russia's "Bolshoi Theater" and major stages in Japan, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam and Switzerland.


2010- ACM Fellowship program

2010-2013 Master of Art Studies, Mongolian State University

2008-2013 Percussionist/Bachelor Mongolian Conservatory

2002-2006 artist/Bachelor of the School of Fine Arts of SUIS

1993-2001 College of Music and Dance

In 2009, he founded the band "Arga Bileg".

Since 1999, he has been a percussionist in the MU Violin Ensemble

2009 Stage designer of the performance "Yatgyi Uyrol".

2008 "Four Head11s of Reason" set designer

2013 "Silent Music" performance artist

2013 "Polar" medal

2012 Head of Culture of MU

2019 "Agula" ethno-jazz record, Arga Bileg group

2017 ACM's "Feel the Wind" program performed together with Whool from South Korea

2017 "Existence...White Mountain" independent art exhibition

2014 "Agula" ethno-jazz album, Arga Bileg band

2010 "Dev" ethno-jazz record, Arga Bileg band

2019 "Legend" "Bridal Flowers" independent art exhibition

2010 "Deelt" ethno-jazz record, Arga Bileg group

2009 "Call of Existence" solo concert

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