The Avdar series of sculptures, which seem to reveal the secrets of forgotten national heritage and cultural traditions in their artworks, are characterized by using sheep's wool and cashmere to create a relationship with the audience.


Through my paintings, I express the beauty and inner feelings of women. In 2010, "White" and in 2017, "Felt Creation, Text Deciphering'' solo exhibitions were held at Zanadu Art Gallery and Artisans' Union Gallery.


Participated in Mongolian Art Council and Hoh Nar Center's nomadic workshop and land art programs. In 2010, I was a member of the Nomad Wave Action Art Group. Also, with my work, I participated in international exhibition projects such as "HEART BODY MIND" festival Nepal, Land art 360 Mongolia international biennale, Tradition Renewal media art festival, Beijing biennale, France Belgium, Korea, China, Japan, and Shanghai.

9991 1108

UMA “A” artist’s studio #216, Ulaanbaatar

2006 Fine Art / Bachelor

School of Fine Arts of MNUAC

Since 2006

Member of Union of Mongolian Artists/ freelance artist

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