Tsedevsuren NYAMDULAM

Director, make-up artist of theater and films, stylist, art director.

By working on video art, performance art, collage art, and monologue, we spread the importance of the inner nature of man, the connection between man and nature, and the importance of an environment-friendly lifestyle to the public.

(976) 88050670


2016- Theater and film make-up artist at Make up Forever Academy in Hong Kong

2011 Bachelor of Director, MNUAC

2022 - "Edelweiss" Art Hotel, Art Director

2022 - Founder of "Vintage bird" brand

2021 - Founder of Artwave Mongolia Fine Arts and Fashion Agency

2020 - Head of the "Art Wave" NGO

2019 - Producer, "Sisters" production

2019 - Founder of the "Stylist" studio

2014 - Actor in "Black box" theater

2013 - Co-founder of the collective of artists "Blue Rust".

2011 - 2014 Host and editor of cultural and art programs at Olloo TV

2010 - 2011 C1 Television "Music 9"  host

2023 - "Mongolia ensuring the sustainability of plastic waste recycling" project trainer program

2021 - "Gateway to Success" training series implemented by Arts CounciL of Mongolia

2021 - "Udemy" platform art psychotherapist and life coach course

2020 - "Brain evolution" scholarship program

2020 - ACM Fellowship program

2014 "ARIGU" Institute pr communication course

2007 "Magic kiss" Institute beautician and make-up course

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