Art researcher, freelance artist


I have been participating in art exhibitions since 2015, and am currently working as a specialist in art psychology. I have mainly created artworks in media art, bar painting, and graphic design. Participated in international programs: In 2017, I participated in the activities of the program for the protection of gender equality, which is one of the 17 activities carried out for society as a target project of the United National Organization.

+(976) 99019169

2015 -  Bachelor of Line Arts, School of Fine Arts- MNUAC

2020-2021 ACM fellowship program, Arts Council of Mongolia

2023 -  Master of Art Studies, NUM

since 2015 Freelance artist

2015 - Top honor in the “category of graphics”, Korean and Mongolian Invitation Artists Exhibition

2013 - “The best idea category” at the Line art exhibition.

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