Iderchuluun SAINBAYAN

Leather and shoes designer, cosmetic tattoo artist

For the past few years, I have been using his basic skills to develop concepts for works, read books, attend lectures and workshops by local and international thinkers, art researchers and curators, and work towards changing the mindset and practice of making visual art.

9669 9359

2019-2020, "ACM fellowship" program

2010-2014 Shoe and leather accessory designer and fashion designer, Urlakh Erdem Fashion Design Institute

2000-2010 Ireedui Complex High School No.86

2014-2019 Designer, creator, branch executive director of Besud leather goods brand

2019-2021 Freelance artist

2021 Cosmetic tattoo artist

2019 -  Credentials of the Capital Governor of Ulaanbaatar

2014 -  The reality show "We Like Fashion"- 2nd place


“Who Am I: The Investigation of the Self through Mongolian Symbolism and Leather based Mixed Media Art” | by TsendpurevPhD | Vanjil Art Institute | Medium

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