TELMEN Battsooj


+(976) 99790521

2013-2017 Bachelor of Traditional Graphics and Line Art-Drawing, Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture

Graduation work: "Apple of Happiness"

2003-2013 Secondary School NO.111

2017.12-2018 Concept artist and designer, Mighty Wolf LLC

2019.06-2019.09 Standard Sediment LLC

Since 2021.09 "Mongolian Content" LLC

"Maamu" Children's content, "Nogun" brand pictures, comics and animations

2013.09-2014-06 German-Mongolian joint Urban Nomads public art project,

2013 - (Re)constructing Identities,

2014 - Nomad Research Lab/Crossing Identities Public Work

2017.04 - World Stories Drawing Training Fairytales of the World workshop organized by French artist Mikael El Fathy and German artist Patricia Thoma

2017 - City View Photography Course The Great Cityscape Photography Course is organized by Cindy Gates and Ulrike Bruckner, University of Dortmund, Germany.

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