Freelance artist


I graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture in 2002. I express the methods of Mongolian painting by depicting modern styles and events in society with my works. I have released solo exhibitions called Nandin, Erelchin, Helkhee, Darkhlaa, EQ. I have participated in joint exhibitions such as the United States, Hong Kong, Japan's Fukuoka Triennial, Italy, Russia, Guangzhou, Korea, "Guangzhou Embrace" joint exhibition of Asian artists, Beijing Biennale of China, etc.

+(976) 8868 6441


UME, B Workshop #313

2013 ACM Fellowship Program

Arts Council of Mongolia

2002 Mongolian painting/Bachelor

MNUAC School of Fine Arts

Since 2014, Artist member of the Mongolian Artist's Union

Since 2012, a drawing teacher at Logarithm high school

Since 2002, a member of the Mongolian Art Association


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