Fine Art

BATBAATAR Nyamsraijav

Fine art Nyamsraijav Batbaatar Artist 99017164 Hm-facebook Education 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, MNUAC 2017 Academy of Management, Public Administration,National Academy of Governance 2018 Master of  Cultural Arts Management, University of New South Wales, Australia Work experience 2010 “EKH ORON” television artist 2011-2013 “101+” project coordinator 2013-2017 Director of Mongolian Art Gallery 2020-now Freelance artist …

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Fine Art UUGANBAATAR Munkhbat Mongolian picture +(976) 96691310, 99011894 Hm-instagram Education Bachelor’s degree Work experience 2013-2018 Graphic designer Workshop and international program Honors and awards Portfolio


Fine Art UDVALTSETSEG Munkhbaatar Teacher of Mongolian writing at the “Literature Culture” center +(976) 86332055 Hm-facebook Education 2016 – Master of Educational Administration, Mongolian National University of Education 2018 – University teaching license, National University of Mongolia 2013 – Bachelor of Mongolian-English Language studies, Institute of Language and Citizenship Work experience 2020-2021 Тetropolitan archive department …

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TELMEN Battsooj

Fine Art TELMEN Battsooj Artist +(976) 99790521 Hm-instagram Education 2013-2017 Bachelor of Traditional Graphics and Line Art-Drawing, Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture Graduation work: “Apple of Happiness” 2003-2013 Secondary School NO.111 Work experience 2017.12-2018 Concept artist and designer, Mighty Wolf LLC 2019.06-2019.09 Standard Sediment LLC Since 2021.09 “Mongolian Content” LLC “Maamu” Children’s …

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SUNDERIYA Erdenesaikhan

Fine Art SUNDERIYA Erdenesaikhan Artist and photographer She works in the genre of photography, in particular, she creates pictures with a modern minimal tone based on national characteristics. +(976) 99002217 Hm-instagram Education 2008-2012 Bachelor of Painting, Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture 2019-2021 Master of Photography, Darkhan Work experience 2015-2017 Painter, freelance …

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Fine Art Ganbat ENHJARGAL Artist In 1988-1998, he graduated from Russian School No. 3 with full secondary education. From 1998 to 2001, he studied at Utah Valley State College, Utah, USA for 3 years. In 2001, he came to Mongolia to study at DUDeS. In 2006, he graduated as an Artist/Bachelor. Since 2010, he has …

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ANUNARAN Jargalsaikhan

Fine art Jargalsaikhan ANUNARAN Art director, curator +(976) 9109 1101 Hm-facebook Hm-instagram Education 2013-Doctorate of Art Critic, School of Mongolian Language and Culture, NUM 2009/12 Master of Art History, School of Mongolian Language and Culture, NUM 2005/09 Bachelor Degree, School of Fine Arts, MNUAC Work experience 2021-Art director at Blue Sun, CACM 2016/17 Exhibitor …

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Fine art Magsar CHINBAT Artist +(976) 88046949 Hm-facebook Hm-instagram Education 2011 Young Cultural Leaders Program Mongolian Arts Council   2004 Fine Arts Studies / Master DUDE School of MNUAC   2002 Mongolian painting/ Bachelor DUDE School of MNUAC Work experience From 2022, member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Mongolian Artisans …

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BOLORTUYA Munkhjargal

Fine Art BOLORTUYA Munkhjargal She aims to reflect the colors of virgin nature and the majestic image of wild animals, as well as the peaceful and quiet moments of mother animals protecting their offspring. The combination of watercolor and ink paper captures the unique phenomenon of wet dissolution to create a work of art. 9904 …

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Fine Art MYANGANTSETSEG Lkhagvajav Artist 8806 5188 Hm-facebook Hm-instagram Education 2015-2017 Master of Economy and Human Resources, Ulaanbaatar Erdem University 2014-2016 Master of Art Studies, Mongolian National University of Culture and Arts  2005-2009 artist, craftsman / Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Culture and Arts Work experience 2013-2015 TV 9 broadcaster, journalist, editor 2011-2013 …

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