ACM program’s young leader and film director P. Zoljargal’s “If Only I Could Hibernate” became the first Mongolian film that has ever been nominated for this festival.

Director P. Zoljargal’s film “If Only I Could Hibernate” has been nominated for the “Un Certain Regard” category of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. The festival’s “Un Certain Regard” category, which runs from May 16 to 27, is the official selection section of the Cannes International Film Festival. The competition has been held since 1998, and it is an award that was started with the aim of promoting the skills of young directors who have the desire to go international and to encourage innovative works.

Director and producer of “Amygdala Films”, P. Zoljargal, ACM program’s young leader /2013–2014/, wrote the script for the full-length feature film “If Only I Could Hibernate” by director P. Zoljargal and B. Dulguun, known as Magnolian.

D. Davaanyam, ACM program’s young leader /2012–2013/ and executive director of the Ts. Batzorig Foundation, worked as the cinematographer of the film. The members of the film crew will soon go to Cannes. 

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